Construction tennis court

Construction tennis court

build a basis that must be resistant and stable in order to guarantee the quality of the tennis court.

Several types of basis exist :

The basis in alveolar concrete :

It inculdes a drainage system, a permeable quarry material and a stable and permeable layer as a support of the playing surface.

The alveols avoid water retention and immediately absorb strong rains.( No slope is necessary for water evacuation). The fabrication of the porous amalgam is done on site. This proceeding allows playing during any weather conditions.

Several finishing porcedures are availble :

The application of a top coat of elastomer based paints ensures a high level of resistance to wear and tear and results in a smooth finish. This needs to be renewed every 10 years.

The synthetic grass procedure consists in laying on top of the alveolar concrete horizontal and permeable basis., a fibrous polyethylene. The layer has been filled with a brick-red colour, giving it the aesthetic quality of clay. A synthetic grass court is comfort court.

The proceeding of ‘Advantage Redcourt’ consists in laying on top of the alveolar concrete,weighted with brick-red coloured silic, which ensures very high comfort.The Rebound Ace procedure consists of applying successive layers of resin on a rubber surface that had been placed on a concrete foundation.In this case, the basis is realised with a 1cm / m slope to evacuate rain waters.