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Tennis du Midi


A true vocation : graduate in Civil Engineering (Génie Civil), Denis Escande is one of the few, if not the only, director of a tennis court construction company to have been in the business since 1978.

At the outset of his career, he contributed to the development of porous concrete courts in France and French overseas territory. His talent having been recognised by an entrepeneur, he played an integral part in the creation of Eurocourt. When Eurocourt was taken over by Group Bouygues, he took over as director of this new enterprise.

It was in 1993 that he took charge of the company “Tennis du Midi”, a small tennis court construction company that would become in a few years a reference point in the PACA region.

These years of experience have made him the expert in the field he is today. For him, attention to detail is of the utmost importance. The unique point of the company is that it focuses on the individual client, which requires a high level of both knowledge and competence.

The management

Our civil engineer organises and supervises the proceedings as a whole. He guarantees the correct processing of the differents stadiums of the construction site and is in relation with both project manager and client.

The Team

THE TEAMThe most modern technology is borne of great tradition.
It is still the artisan’s hand that prepares, tailors, refines and gives life to the most beautiful creations.
To ensure the level of quality of its long-term investment in the field, Tennis du Midi has created its own training centre.
This encourages the most experienced workers to share their expertise with the youngest.

Our Commitment to sustainable developement

The company is committed to the protection of the environment, specifically in reducing the causes of pollution and the consumption of natural resources (materials, water, energy) in its production process.

The company combines respect for the environment and the preservation of
natural resources as important innovative and competitive factors:

  • By using ‘green’ products, and by implementing Environmental Standards (French and European ‘ecolabels’)
  • By engaging suppliers committed to implementing measures of sustainable development (responsible purchasing)
  • By favouring the use of recyclable materials
  • By ensuring efficient processing of waste

The company’s commitment is demonstrated by its internal practices, notably in terms of eco-responsibility :

  • By establishing plans to reduce the consumption of supplies and resources, of electricity and water
  • By instigating the reduction and systematic sorting of waste
  • By planning the quantity of products and waste to maximise transportation efficiency

Our reputation exports abroad

Some of our customers own properties abroad and trust us to realise tennis courts ou Halfcourts outside of our country.

This is how we finalized projects in Italy, Portugal and Marocco.

Thanks to these experiences, we have set up a methodology with local partners in order to enable us to optimize costs while guaranteeing the quality and originality of our creations that made the reputation of « Tennis du Midi ».

Marrakech, MAROC