Evolve your playing surface


Before 1965, tennis courts were made of natural clay. In order to be able to practice tennis during any wheather conditions and so to democratize this sport, several proceedings were born : porous concrete, konwn under the name of « Quick », ou « Matéco » concrete coated with painting our synthetic resin.

The practise on tennis on these types of courts implies muscular and articular traumas, for senior players, but also for young players, which is even worse.

Research was made by industrials in different countries, in order to find new proceedings that guarantee the quality of tennis game as well as the comfort of natural clay that allow to practice tennis during any wheather conditions.

This is how, at first stage, was developed , the synthetic grass coating and more recently (2005), synthetic clay.

Roland Garros en 1891 avec la création des “Championnats de France sur terre battue”.
Source : Roland Garros, un siècle d’histoire

Make your tennis court progress

1/ The playing surface

If you own a court made of porous concrete or resin, you have the opportunity to progress towards a synthetic grass ou synthetic clay comfort court.

These surfaces offer the following advantages :

  • On health : the surfaces prevent articular, muscular as well as back traumas.
  • Game : depending on the density of the grass, the rallies will be more or less fast.
  • The aesthetic aspect allows to integrate the court in his environment.


Project study

We have the possibility to realise a virtual representation of your new tennis court.
Hereafter an example:

Evolution of a tennis court:


Before, coated :
After, Synthetic grass :

Evolution of a tennis court :


Before, porous concrete :
After, Synthetic Clay :

The decorative fence

The fence of the tennis court is revolutionzed !

The lighting

Discreet, sober and efficient, the lighting of our courts is especially taken care of.
Perfectly integrated to the fence, it guarantees an optimal use of the tennis court at reasonable costs.



Accessories are made of exotic wood : poles, referees’chair, benches…
Made in noble and quality materials bu artisans, they bring esthetism and sophistication to your court.

2/ The game

The game accessories like baket ball basket, badminton, handball, football or volleyball cages are especially created in order not to disturb the esthetism of your court.
They allow to practice different sports on your playing surface.
This does not imply the use of big trucks or machines, which enables to preserve the surroundings of the tennis court. The processes can be applied right after the laying of the coating.