Construction tennis court in Synthetic grass

Synthetic grass tennis court construction

The construction technique

The synthetic grass tennis court is a comfort court.
The construction process starts with building a perfectly level, permeable porous concrete base, on which is laid a carpet of polypropylene or polyethylene fiber that will then be weighted down with ochre coloured silica to reproduce a natural grass feeling.
The base: it is very important that the concrete base be stable and resistant to guarantee the quality of the tennis court. It must therefore include a drainage system, a water-permeable gravel structure and a stable and permeable support layer as a support for the playing surface.
Surface: Depending on the desired gameplay qualities and the expected play speed , there are surfaces with different density and height of fibres. Climate does not affect this type of surface thanks to the permeability of the substrate. It is possible to play on this court almost in any weather.

The game lines, made of white fibers level with the playing surface, are inlaid in the mat by our technicians.
This surface provides sensations similar to those of the clay: better rotation and sliding, and optimal playing comfort. The advantage of a synthetic grass tennis court is that it protects muscles and joints while promoting exchanges thanks to its slower surface.
This flexible court, with requires very little maintenance, is guaranteed 10 years.
Maintenance by users: the maintenance of a synthetic grass courts consists simply in removing the leaves from the playing surface.
Specialized annual maintenance: it is advisable to subscribe an annual maintenance contract to ensure the play quality is kept identical.