You own a property and would like to build a tennis court

Having a tennis court provides leisure activities for the whole family. It can also make a property more attractive to potential tenants. Additionally, a tennis court can be a real asset that adds value when reselling the property.

Construction Terrain de tennis chez particulier

Advising and acomapainment

We come to meet you on site to advise you on the different playing surfaces, the best layout to adopt, the integration of the sports court into the landscape, the administrative procedures…

Administrative procedures

We will be able to provide your architect with all the necessary elements to complete the administrative procedures with the urban planning services.

Surface choice

Depending on the desired tennis qualities and the expected speed of play, there are specific surfaces available.

Our technicians will be able to advise you on the best choice to select the most suitable surface to meet your expectations.

Project supervision

Our site manager will be able to coordinate all the trades involved in the project, and ensure its integration into your schedule, in collaboration with the other companies present on your construction site.

Tennis du Midi works with carefully selected professionals in each county.

Construction Terrain de tennis béton poreux
Annual maintenance contract.
It is recommended to subscribe to an annual maintenance contract to ensure the tennistic qualities of the court. This will help maintain the optimal playing conditions over time.

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