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Property managers/

You are a propriety manager/Concierge/Home office

Your client wishes to  to build a tennis court, a multi-sports court or a Padel on their property, we can come and meet you.

Rénovation terrain de tennis gazon synthétique, après

Choice of the court and installation. Call 

We can advise you on the different equipment options, the best placement to adopt, the integration of the future sports court into the landscape, and the lighting systems.

Démarches administratives et documentation.

Nous pourrons fournir au propriétaires ou à leur architecte tous les éléments nécessaires pour accomplir les démarches administratives auprès des services d’urbanisme.

Construction terrain de tennis terre battue synthétique

Choice of surface 
Depending on the desired tennis qualities and the expected speed of play, specific surfaces are avaliable.

Our technicians will be able to advise you on the best choice to select the most suitable surface for your court.

Project monitoring

Our site manager will be able to coordinate all the trades that will be involved in the sports court and ensure the integration of the project into your schedule, in collaboration with the other companies present on your construction site.

Tennis du Midi works with carefully selected professionals in each department.

Specialised yearly maintenance 

It is recommended to subscribe to an annual maintenance contract to ensure the tennistic qualities of the court. This will help maintain the optimal playing conditions over time.

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