Gazon synthétique

Gazon synthétique

Le court de tennis en Gazon
synthétique est un court
de confort.

The procedure consists of putting down a horizontal, absorbent alveolar concrete base and a layer made from polypropylene or polyethylene, stabilised with ochre-coloured silica, which gives the court a natural look.

Construction terrain de tennis gazon synthétique

The base.
it’s very important that this is stable and resistant to guarantee the quality of the tennis court. It must, therefore, include a drainage system, a structure made from permeable gravel and a permeable, stable, load bearing layer to support the playing surface.

C’est un court souple dont le coût
d’entretien est réduit

Maintenance by the user.
The maintenance consists of simply taking off the sheets that cover the court.

The playing surface.
This includes surfaces of different densities and fibre quality in accordance with the tennis playing requirement of the surface and the expected speed of play. The weather conditions do not affect this playing surface due to the permeability of the support. It’s possible to play on this court in almost any weather.

The court lines, made from white fibres, are integrated into the playing surface and so are the same level as the surface.

This surface provides the same sensations as clay; better turning and sliding qualities and maximum comfort throughout the game.
The advantage of a court made from synthetic grass is that it is gentle on the muscles and joints and, thanks to its slower surface, facilitates longer rallies.

Professional maintenance.

We advise signing up for annual professional maintenance to ensure the quality of the court’s playing surface.

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