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Tennis courts dimensions and types of surface

A tennis court consists of the tennis court, called the “playing area”, and the clearance or development areas surrounding it.

The court is a rectangle 23,77 m (78 ft) long and 8,23 m (27 ft) wide (Singles), or 23,77 m (78 ft) long and 10,97 m (36 ft) wide (Doubles) .

Minimum dimensions for a recreational size court (playing surface + run-off area) are 17,07 m (56 ft) x 34,77 m (114 ft), which allows a minimum run-back length of 5,50 m (18 ft) behind the baseline and a side-run of minimum 3,05 m (10 ft) on each side.

Minimum international standard dimensions are 18 m x 36 m (60 x 120 ft), with a run-back length of 6,10 m (20ft) behind each baseline, and side-runs of about 3,70 m (12 ft) on each side. (obviously it is always possible to build smaller courts).

In general, courts are surrounded by a 3m high fence and can be lit by floodlights.