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Béton poreux

Porous concrete tennis court

This permeable process allows you to play in all weathers. The cells in the coating prevent water retention and instantly absorb heavy rains. (No slope necessary, on the playing surface, for water drainage).

Construction Terrain de tennis béton poreux

The base.
The manufacture of the porous amalgam is carried out in situ. The installation of expansion joints, during the pouring of the slab, prevents cracking during thermal amplitudes (frost, high heat) The galvanized connecting reinforcements, solidify the entire structure. Honeycomb concrete is a stable material, it does not soften under the effect of heat. Its thickness (9 cm) and its porosity make it a material that does not overload the soil (weight: 20 g / cm2) and therefore avoids deformation. Its durability allows us to guarantee it for 10 years, knowing that with hindsight, this is the only process which, built in the rules of the art, lasts more than 30 years.

The finish.
The application of an elastomer-based finish paint has very good wear resistance and gives a feeling of flexibility. Its renewal must be done every 10 years.

User maintenance. 

Maintenance is simply removing leaves from the tennis court.

Specialized annual maintenance.

It is advisable to take out an annual maintenance contract to ensure the tennis qualities of the field.

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Construction Terrain de tennis
Construction terrain de tennis
Construction Terrain de tennis

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