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Renovate your existing surface

Synthetic Grass

Rénovation d'un court de tennis en Gazon Synthétique

You already have a tennis court, its renovation consists of building a new playing surface on the existing court. You have chosen to construct a synthetic grass court.

This renovation consists of a fibrous layer of polypropylene or polyethylene. It will be stabilized with silica, which will give it a natural look.



The base.
If the existing court is made from alveolar concrete it is necessary to unclog the foundations to ensure drainage. If the existing court is made from resin, it is essential fill in any cracks to prevent water retention in the knowledge that the existing slope will facilitate drainage.

Le revêtement.

This includes surfaces of different densities and fibre quality in accordance with the tennis playing qualities of the surface required. The weather conditions do not affect this playing surface due to the permeability of the support. It is possible to play on this court in almost any weather.
The court lines, made from white fibers, are integrated into the playing surface and so are the same level as the surface.

This surface provides the same sensations as clay: better turning and sliding qualities and maximum comfort throughout the game.

The advantage of a court made from synthetic grass is that is is gentle on the muscles and joints, facilitating rallies thanks to its slower surface.

This is a soft court, which has reduced maintenenance costs.

Maintenance by the user.
The maintenance consists of simply taking off the sheets that cover the court.

Professional maintenance.

We advise signing up for annual professional maintenance to ensure the quality of the court’s playing surface.

Pose d’un gazon synthétique sur support existant en béton poreux.


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Rénover sa surface existante terrain de tennis

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Rénover sa surface existante terrain de tennis reprise joint et perforation dalle

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Rénover sa surface existante terrain de tennis gazon synthétique

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