We at Tennis Du Midi are passionate about our work and determined to satisfy our clients’ most stringent requirements. We have succeeded in transforming a traditional court into a true “work of art”. Tennis du Midi combines artisanal techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create luxury courts using only the finest quality materials.


Construction court tennis terre battue

The accessories of the Prestige Line are made by craftsmen using high quality and noble materials: they bring to your court the aesthetics and sophistication that make the difference.

We work with landscape designers to ensure your tennis court will perfectly blend in with its surroundings.


Wether your court is made of porous concrete, synthetic grass, natural clay or synthetic clay, its life time depends on the quality of the maintenance.

A badly maintained porous concrete court may crumble and lead to a risk of falling, an uneven bounce of the ball and the need to rebuild the court prematurely.

A badly maintained synthetic grass or synthetic clay court may age prematurely and will need the playing surface replaced in the long run.

Porous concrete courts need to be “regenerated” every 10 years. Regeneration consists in fixing any cracks and gaps in the concrete slab and unclogging the concrete in order to restore the original porosity..

Once these operations have been completed, a UV resistant acrylic paint with an elastomer base is applied,  which will make your court shine like new.