Maintenance - Restoration

Your court being made of alveolar concrete, synthetic grass, natural clay synthetic clay, or synthetic resin, its life time depends on the quality of its maintenance.
A badly maintained alveolar concrete court may disintegrate and lead to a risk of fall, an uneven bounce of the ball and the need to rebuild the court prematurely.
A badly maintained synthetic grass, synthetic clay or synthetic resin court, may age prematurely and will need the playing surface to be replaced.
An alveolar concrete court needs restoration measures every 10 years, which consists in identifying any cracks and gaps in the concrete foundations and fixing these in order to restore the original porosity..

Once these operations have been completed, two coats of acrylic paint with an elastomer basis are applied, which is resistant to UV and inclement weathers and will make your court shine like new.

For courts made of synthetic grass of synthetic clay, the regeneration consists in a mechanical treatment st first stage (decompacting, separation of sand and pollutions, brushing and reintegration of the filtered sand.)
Thanks to this procedure, your court will again be well drained and soft.

Maintenance of a tennis court in Synthetic grass :
Restoration of a tennis court in Porous Concrete :