Maintenance Synthetic Grass Court

Maintenance Synthetic Grass Court

The life of your synthetic grass court depends on the quality of its maintenance. A badly maintained court may age prematurely and will need the playing surface replaced in the long run.
The regeneration consists firstly of a mechanic treatment :

  • Mechanic compacting of the surface with our specialist machines
  • Separation of sand, pollutants, dusts and dead fibres in a collection drum.
  • Brushing and reintegration of filtered sand in the synthetic grass of which the fibres have been straightened.

Following the decompacting and clearing of pollutants, your terrain will recover its drainage and suppleness.
Next, there is a chemical treatment. An application of fungicide specially designed for tennis courts eliminates germs and prevent the appearance of fungus.
On completion of these stages, it is advised to sign up for annual professional maintenance in the interests of maintaining the aesthetic and tennis playing qualities of your court.

There are two regeneration processes for your Synthetic Grass

Standard regeneration:
Regeneration with replacement of polluted silica following a mud flow: